BDPI funding still in flux at Legislature

With the Senate planning to hold off on introducing its bonding bill until after the Easter/Passover break (which continues until April 22), the Business Development Public Infrastructure (BDPI) program remains in a state of flux. Some lawmakers have told the GMNP to expect around $10 million for the program in the Senate bill, but nothing is final until the bill is passed.

The House included $5 million for BDPI in a bill that uses cash to pay for capital projects. This is less than the $25 million requested by the GMNP; however, the House bill contained no BDPI funding when it was initially released. Greater Minnesota legislators successfully worked to get funding for BDPI included in the House bill. If the Senate bill includes the preferable $10 million in funding, the GMNP will be looking to those same lawmakers to step up again and solidify that higher amount in law.