Statement from Executive Director Dan Dorman Regarding Governor’s Announcement of Support for Broadband

The following is a statement From GMNP Executive Director Dan Dorman that was sent to media outlets throughout the state today. To read or listen to Governor Dayton’s recent comments on broadband, please click here.

“We are pleased that the Governor has voiced his support for broadband. Families, businesses and communities who have long suffered from a lack of broadband have reason to be hopeful with the Governor’s announcement.”

“Although it is less than the $100 million recommended by the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband, the House took a huge step in the right direction last week when it passed legislation to create a $25 million broadband infrastructure fund. Now with the Governor’s announcement, the Senate remains the only body that has failed to come out in support of a state investment in border-to-border broadband. The Greater Minnesota business community is calling on the Senate to join with the House and Governor to pass broadband legislation that will give Greater Minnesota the tools to thrive in the 21st century.”

GMNP Executive Director Dan Dorman is a former Republican legislator and executive director for the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency. He also owns a small business in Albert Lea.