Bills aim to improve environmental regulations

Environmental regulatory reform is another issue that is extremely important to many businesses and communities in Greater Minnesota. Last week, two bills were introduced that would help ensure that any new regulations are grounded in good science and cost-effective. The GMNP and its sister organization, the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) helped draft the legislation.

S.F. 690, authored by Sen. Kent Eken (DFL-Twin Valley), and H.F. 617, authored by Rep. Dan Fabian (R-Roseau), requires any new proposed environmental regulation to go through independent scientific peer review if its estimated cost to implement is $50 million or more. A companion bill, S.F. 689 and H.F. 616, also authored by Eken and Fabian, respectively, requires the state to perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine the cumulative cost of a number of new and proposed environmental regulations. Both bills also require legislative approval before any expensive regulation can be adopted.

For more information on these bills and why the GMNP and CGMC support them, read this press release send out by the CGMC on Monday.