Star Tribune editorials focus on Greater Minnesota

On Sunday, the Star Tribune published two editorials that focus on issues affecting Greater Minnesota:

“Three must-do legislative items”
“Help wanted in Willmar, beyond”

Both articles highlight issues that the GMNP has been working on, specifically broadband, transportation and Local Government Aid (in the first editorial) and the shortage of trained worked in Greater Minnesota (in the second one). The articles are part of a larger, three-week series in the Star Tribune that focuses on the needs in Greater Minnesota and how the entire state will be healthier if both metro and rural needs are addressed. The Star Tribune sought out information from the GMNP and our sister organization, the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC), when working on the series, and we were pleased that we were able to help advance this discussion.

With these articles and the others in the series, the Star Tribune is helping to bring attention to Greater Minnesota. We hope legislators will take note, as well. We encourage all GMNP members to share these articles with others in your community so we can continue to drum up support for these important issues as we move closer to the start of the legislative session.