2015 GMNP Member Survey

Potential 2015 Economic Development Initiatives

Potential Initiative

Biennial State Funding Amount

1. Appropriate Adequate Funding for the Broadband Infrastructure Fund

  • The GMNP helped pass a $20 million fund in 2014 to begin to connect the state to high-quality broadband.
  • The GMNP supports a $200 million appropriation to the fund, which is the Governor’s Broadband Task Force’s recommendation.


2. Create an Employer-Driven Job Training Program

  • Last year, the legislature considered a job training program that would give employers flexibility and speed to use the resource of its choosing to train employees (e.g. school, private instruction, on-the-job training).
  • The GMNP supports passing this job training program to give employers assistance to fill the many jobs currently available in Greater Minnesota.


3. Seriously Address the Workforce Housing Shortage

  • Last year, a $2 million DEED pilot program was passed to address the workforce housing shortage in two counties, but a Housing TIF proposal failed to pass.
  • The GMNP supports establishing and funding a number of programs to address the critical workforce housing shortage, including a workforce housing TIF proposal and a workforce housing fund administered by DEED.


4.Ensure Water Quality Regulations are Rational

  • The GMNP supports legal and legislative efforts to ensure MPCA water quality regulations are based on sound science and that regulations with significant costs have a corresponding environmental benefit.
  • The legislature should require independent scientific review of costly MPCA water quality standards.
  • The legislature should require a thorough analysis of the financial impact of water quality regulations on households and businesses before regulations are considered.


Please answer the following question from your perspective as GMNP member regarding how important each of these issues are in preserving and growing local economies in Greater Minnesota. Answers will not be attributed to individual respondents or organizations, and answers can only be submitted once. Your input is invaluable to the future of Greater Minnesota. Thank you for your support.