Job Training Incentive Program sees positive results

In 2014 and 2015, the Greater Minnesota Partnership (GMNP) was a strong advocate for a new job training program that would allow for more flexibility for employers to provide workers with the skills needed to fill open positions. After two years of aggressive advocacy, GMNP’s hard work paid off in 2015 when the Legislature created a new Job Training Incentive (JTI) program and funded it with $1.8 million.

Today, we are happy to report that the JTI is already seeing positive results for many Greater Minnesota businesses:

JTIOne of the reason the JTI program has proven to be successful is that it allows employers to determine the quickest and most efficient way to train employees for the jobs that need to be filled now. Employers have the option to train their employees in-house; at institutions of higher education; federal, state, or local agencies; or private training or educational services.

For more information on the JTI and how it can benefit your business or businesses and workers in your community, please see this informational handout created by the GMNP staff. You can use find out more about the JTI on the “Training Grant Programs” on the MN DEED website.