DFL legislators call for $100M investment in broadband

Greater Minnesota DFL legislators called for a $100 million investment in broadband infrastructure at a press conference this morning. Sen. Erik Simonson (DFL-Duluth) specifically mentioned the economic development potential of broadband infrastructure ‒ something that the GMNP supports as well. Mark Erickson, an EDA director from the city of Winthrop ‒ and member of the RS Fiber cooperative ‒ noted at the press conference that many facets of life in rural Minnesota are improved by greater broadband access and better service, including health care, education, transportation and public safety.

Even with recent modest investments in broadband, Greater Minnesota residents and businesses often are put at a disadvantage in quality of life and business due to poor or no broadband service. However, as opposed to large providers, many Minnesota-based utilities, co-ops and others operate world-class systems and can expand. To learn more about the state broadband grant program, click here.