Bill to improve Greater Minnesota Internship Tax Credit sails through committees

In 2013, the GMNP helped create the Greater Minnesota Internship Tax Credit, a program that incentivizes employers in Greater Minnesota to provide internship opportunities to students. Unfortunately, the law’s current requirements are too strict. They discourage many employers from participating and disqualify most students.

Committees in both the Senate and House recently heard testimony on SF 763/HF 868, authored by Sen. John Jasinski (R-Faribault) and Rep. Randy Jessup (R-Shoreview), a bill that would remove the problematic requirements. Dan Dorman, executive director of the GMNP, testified to the unique challenges Greater Minnesota businesses face in recruiting and retaining new workers.

The bill sailed through both committees. In the Senate, it now awaits possible inclusion in an omnibus tax bill. In the House, it passed the Higher Education Committee on a voice vote, and will likely receive an additional hearing in the Tax Committee in the coming weeks.