High turnout for discussion on lack of childcare options in Greater Minnesota

The GMNP held a conference call this morning to discuss the growing concern about the lack of childcare options in Greater Minnesota. When we put out the notice about the meeting a few weeks ago, we expected just a handful of people to express an interest. Instead, more than 75 people participated in the call. The fact that dozens of people participated in a conference call just before the start of a holiday weekend makes it clear that there is a lot interest in trying to tackle these issues regarding childcare in Greater Minnesota!

As was mentioned on the call, several local, regional, state and national studies have been done on these issues. Below are links to the studies and articles that were discussed. As we get more studies and information, we will add them to our website.

We’d also like to extend a sincere thank-you to everyone who shared their knowledge and insights during the call today, especially those who helped us keep this call focused and organized including:

Over the next weeks and months, the GMNP staff and members of our Board of Directors will continue to gather information on this issue and explore ways in which our organization can help be a part of a solution. If you are interested in being involved in this effort, please send us an email at childcare@gmnp.org.