GMNP supports bills that aim to help fix Greater Minnesota’s child care shortage

Over the past few months, the Greater Minnesota Partnership has been gathering information and working with other organizations and legislators to find ways to fix the child care shortage in Greater Minnesota. While there is still much more work to be done over the coming years, the GMNP is advocating for three bills this session that address this critical economic development issue:

  • HF2424 / SF2090 – Provides $1.5 million to DEED for grants awarded to Initiative Foundations for the planning, coordination, training, and education necessary to expand child care access.
  • HF3605/SF 3316 – Provides $519,000 to DEED for the Minnesota Child Care Grant Program, which aims to increase the supply of child care providers to support economic development.
  • HF 4032/SF 3578 – Appropriates $5 million in bonding and $5 million from the general fund to provide grants to local governments and non-profits in Greater Minnesota to help cover up to 50 percent of the costs to build, upgrade or expand child care facilities.

We also want to share our most recent child care handout, which we have begun to use when meeting with legislators and others to discuss this issue.

Now that the legislative session is really heating up, we encourage our members and others who are concerned about economic development in Greater Minnesota to email or call your House and Senate member and let them know about your concerns regarding child care in your community and region. Ask them to support the bills referenced above.

If you have any questions about the GMNP’s work on child care issues or bills we are supporting this session, please contact Executive Director Dan Dorman at