Greater Minnesota to benefit from DEED child care grants

The Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) recently announced the recipients of its 2019 Child Care Economic Development Grants. Funding for this program was approved by the Legislature in last session’s Jobs and Economic Development omnibus bill, which stipulated at least 60 percent of the funding must be awarded to projects in Greater Minnesota.

Funding for this program, along with the direct funding for the Initiative Foundations, was a cornerstone of the CGMC and Greater Minnesota Partnership’s (GMNP) child care advocacy last session.

DEED announced this week that it awarded grants to 11 organizations, eight of which are in Greater Minnesota. Of the $727,500 awarded, $515,000—71 percent of the total grant pool—went to projects in Greater Minnesota.

In announcing the awards, DEED Commissioner Steve Grove stated, “Quality child care is vital to growing our workforce and increasing our economic prosperity in Minnesota. These investments give Minnesotans the ability to be active participants in the workforce, entrepreneurs the capital to create new child care businesses that serve their community, and employers the ability to draw much-needed workers to their businesses.”

Recipients in Greater Minnesota include four Initiative Foundations: Northland Foundation, Northwest Minnesota Foundation, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation and West Central Initiative. Additional Greater Minnesota awardees include Lakes and Pines Community Action (Mora), Becker County, City of New York Mills and the Kandiyohi County Area Family YMCA.

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