Apply to serve on the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband

This week, the state issued a notice of vacancy for a seat on the Governor’s Task Force on Broadband. The current task force is a continuation of a task force originally established by Gov. Dayton to advise the executive and legislative branches on broadband policy, including the assessment of issues and gaps in our state’s service. Additional information about the task force can be found on DEED’s website HERE.

With schools, businesses and local governments all operating remotely due to COVID-19, it is clear Minnesota still has work to do to deliver reliable service to every corner of the state. Additional voices from Greater Minnesota could be important in these ongoing efforts.

If you or someone from your city is interested, applications can be submitted through the Secretary of State’s website. Applications require submission of a resume and letter of interest. The first application review date is May 6, so applicants are encouraged to apply before that date.