Governor Walz extends stay-at-home order to May 4

On Wednesday, Gov. Walz announced an extension of the Minnesota stay-at-home order. The previous executive order was originally scheduled to end Friday, May 1 for services industries such as bars and restaurants and Friday, April 10 for other non-essential businesses. Under the new order (described in Executive Order 20-33), both restrictions are now scheduled to be lifted on Monday, May 4.

The order comes at the recommendation of state health officials to prevent COVID-19 from overwhelming the Minnesota health care system. By extending social distancing guidelines to May 4, the state has more time to acquire essential ventilators, personal protection equipment (PPE), and intensive care unit beds. With this new order in place, Gov. Walz projects the peak of COVID-19 cases to hit in July.

During his press conference, Gov. Walz asked agency commissioners to develop plans to help some industries to reopen. Additionally, restrictions were loosened on landscaping, florists, garden centers, and funeral services. However, these businesses must continue to work while maintaining as much distance as possible. Essential employees are still allowed to go into work.

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