Applications for final round of emergency child care grants due June 15

June 15 is the deadline for the state’s third and final round of Peacetime Emergency Childcare Grants. This program was launched as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in Minnesota and Gov. Walz issued executive orders closing portions of the state’s economy, including schools. The grants were targeted both at propping up the child care industry, which was already in crisis mode before the pandemic, and to increase child care opportunities for public safety and health care workers on the front line of addressing the pandemic.

In the first two rounds, the state distributed $10 million per round. For the June 15 round, it will allocate the final $19.8 million. In addition to traditional in-home child care and centers that were eligible for the first two rounds, the final round will also award funds to nonprofit organizations that provide summer care to older, school-age children.

Grants range from $4,500 to $21,000 per awardee and are intended to support basic child care infrastructure and keep child care capacity available. Providers can apply through Child Care Aware’s website: