Bonding efforts fail to break logjam

Passing a robust bonding bill has been the GMNP’s top goal since before the pandemic and we had high hopes that the Legislature would follow through with their promises to get one done. As things stand today, the chances of a bonding bill passing during the special session are slim.

During a press conference on Thursday morning, House Majority Leader Melissa Hortman (DFL-Brooklyn Park) stated that the House and Senate are close to an agreement on a bill. During his own press conference a few hours later, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R-East Gull Lake) stated that legislative leaders have agreed on $1.35 billion as the size of the bill.

Yet, the House still has not introduced its bonding bill, and the only bill that the Senate has brought forth during the special session is a $1.1 billion version. Furthermore, Sen. Gazelka continues to insist that the Senate will adjourn tomorrow regardless of what has (or has not) been completed. Although no one has stated it explicitly, it appears that continuing disagreements on other issues such as police reform and the pandemic emergency order are also stymying passage of the bonding bill.

The GMNP continues to push both sides to pass a robust bonding bill that will create jobs and address critical needs for Greater Minnesota.