Minnesota Rural Broadband Coalition launches statewide speed test initiative

COVID-19 has shown how important access to broadband is for every Minnesotan now that we are being asked to work, learn, or receive care from home. Broadband is no different than any other basic utility that people need. It is an essential part of our daily lives.

The Minnesota Speed Test Initiative wants to find out exactly where broadband service is available in Minnesota and what speeds households and businesses are receiving. A pilot program for speed testing is ongoing in St Louis, Koochiching and Itasca counties. The Range Association of Municipalities and Schools has been leading the way to create a different set of broadband maps based on approximately 7,000 broadband speed tests submitted by area residents and businesses. These speed tests, mapped by GEO Partners, clearly show the speeds available in cities and townships across the three northern Minnesota counties.

We encourage you to take the test at mnruralbroadbandcoalition.com/speedtest, and share it with others in your community as well.

The speed test can be taken with any device that has an internet or cellular connection and takes less than one minute to complete. No personal information will be collected. Testing data will be statistically valid and provide a map of what service levels are for any given area in the state.