House committee to hear child care bills next week

The House Early Childhood Finance and Policy Committee is scheduled to hear three bills GMNP-supported child care bills next Thursday. All three of the bill are authored by Rep. Liz Olson (DFL-Duluth).

  • HF413 provides $4 million to the six Minnesota Initiative Foundations to expand the impact of their child care provider support initiatives and community engagement programs. 
  • HF411 provides a $10 million appropriation from the general fund to the newly created Greater Minnesota Child Care Facilities Grant program. This program was established in the bonding bill that passed last fall. It provides capital funding to acquire land or an interest in land, predesign, design, renovate, construct, furnish, and equip facilities in which to provide child care or for other child care facility improvements in communities with a documented child care shortage and where the shortage is affecting economic development and job growth. 
  • HF412 provides $10 million to the DEED Child Care Grant program, which provides grants to local communities to increase the number of quality child care providers to support economic development. Of the funds, 50% must be awarded to projects in Greater Minnesota.

The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25 at 8:30 a.m. If you are interested in testifying in support of any of the bills, please contact GMNPT Executive Director Scott McMahon at In particular, we are seeking testifiers from communities that are interested in accessing the new facilities grant program. You can find a link to view live hearing at (scroll down to the “video and audio” links).