Child Care

Child Care

To eliminate the child care shortage in Greater Minnesota, the GMNP supports legislative initiatives that:

  1. Improve the ability of child care providers to provide high-quality care while operating a financially sustainable business model; this could include grants and low-interest loans for training and capacity expansion, regulatory and inspection improvements, and business development support and training.
  2. Create markets where families have access to high-quality and affordable child care; this could include enhancements to the state’s child care tax credit program.
  3. Build a stable child care provider workforce. This may include providing business development support for providers starting or growing in Greater Minnesota, training for providers, financial incentives to encourage workers to enter and remain in the industry, benefits for families to decrease the financial burden of accessing child care, and other policies and programs that will increase the supply of both center-based and home-based child care options.

Studies/Research/Informational Handouts

Bills to Watch

  • SF 537/HF 422 – $3 million in grants to the Minnesota Initiative Foundations for the planning, coordination, training and education necessary to expand child care access
  • SF 538/HF 423 – $10 million to DEED to provide grants to child care providers, local governments and regional economic development organizations in Greater Minnesota to cover up to 50 percent of the costs to build, upgrade or expand child care facilities to increase capacity and meet state requirements