About the GMNP

The Greater Minnesota Partnership (GMNP) is a nonprofit corporation devoted to advocating for state economic development policies and resources that benefit Greater Minnesota. The Partnership consists of businesses, chambers of commerce, economic development authorities, cities and nonprofits from throughout Greater Minnesota.

The GMNP originated as a task force of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities in 2012. Due to a growing interest in its programs and the desire to branch out to additional stakeholders, the GMNP was established as a separate nonprofit corporation in 2013. During its inaugural year, the GMNP’s members consisted of nine chambers of commerce, 19 economic development authorities, six initiative foundations, five businesses and numerous cities. Today, the GMNP is quickly expanding and adding new members.

The GMNP’s Board of Directors has extensive experience and offers unique, real-world expertise and insight into business and economic development in Greater Minnesota. The GMNP is led by Executive Director Dan Dorman, a small-business owner, former legislator and former executive director of the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency.