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Survey explores workforce housing needs in Pope County

A survey of employees who work in Pope County found that a majority of respondents believe it is difficult to find appropriate housing in the county, lending more evidence that a lack of workforce housing is a growing problem in many parts of Greater Minnesota.

The survey, which was conducted by the University of Minnesota-Morris, Center for Small Towns and University of Minnesota Extension, was distributed to employees of selected businesses within the county and asked questions about their current housing situation, demographic information and whether they think it is difficult to find housing. A total of 608 employees responded to the survey.

Some of the “key findings” from the survey and subsequent focus groups include:

  • A majority of respondents believe that it is difficult to find appropriate housing in Pope County. This was true even of the respondents satisfied with their current housing.

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Help us set our 2017 priorities!

There are still seven weeks before the election will determine which parties control the Minnesota House and Senate, but it is already time for us to start thinking about our legislative priorities and agenda for 2017. We would like you to help us determine which issues the GMNP should focus on next year. What economic development issues are most important to your community or business? Are there specific state programs that have been beneficial to you that you would like to see the state devote extra attention or funding to? Similarly, are there state programs that you think need to be changed or improved so that they work better the workers and businesses in your area?

We plan to send out a survey to all GMNP member later this fall to get a better sense of the issues we should be working on. In the meantime, we would love to hear from you! Some of you have already shared your ideas and concerns with us and we appreciate the feedback, but we would like to hear from more members. For your reference, the list of our 2016 policy positions can be found here.

If you have any suggestions, concerns or complaints about economic development issues or topics you think we should work on, please contact GMNP Executive Director Dan Dorman at or 612-245-5204.