Growing prosperity in greater minnesota

Update on GMNP legislative priorities

The top priorities for the Partnership this session are addressing three critical shortages in Greater Minnesota: child care, workforce housing, and broadband. Here is a quick update on where things stand on these issues. (More information on the Partnership’s legislative priorities can be found here).

Child care, or lack thereof, has become a major economic barrier throughout Greater Minnesota. We are currently short almost 40,000 child care slots, each of which impacts a family, an employer, and a community. While there are a number of policy provisions and individual investments that can make a difference, this session we focused on two areas that are specific to the challenge in Greater Minnesota: providing support for child care providers to access training and technical support, and addressing the shortage by supporting community planning and providing access to expansion capital.

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Next installment of ‘Interconnected: Rural-Urban Conversations’ to focus on workforce issues

On Thursday, the Center for Rural Policy and Development and the Citizens League are hosting the second webinar in their series “Interconnected: Rural-Urban Conversations.” This event will focus on workforce strategies, where panelists will explore questions such as: What are the similarities and differences in workforce between urban and rural Minnesota? How did the pandemic effect employment in rural and urban areas differently? What are some possible solutions?

Event details:
Thursday, April 29, 2021
2:30-3:45 p.m.
Online meeting with recording available afterwards​
Registration link:
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