Growing prosperity in greater minnesota

Media visits focus on child care needs

When the Legislature takes its annual mid-session break, which they are on this week, GMNP staff often hit the road and meet with the media in Greater Minnesota to talk about our priorities and what is happening at the Capitol. This year, with the pandemic, we decided not to jump behind the wheel, but we did jump behind a computer screen and camera to make the same thing happen.

Greater Minnesota Partnership Executive Director Scott McMahon has spent a good portion of the week meeting with newspaper reporters and editors to talk about child care, our legislative proposals, and the opportunity Minnesota has to make a major impact on this issue as a result of the $520 million child care investment made through the federal American Rescue Plan. Continue reading

Notes from the Capitol

An update from GMNP Executive Director Scott McMahon:

We have hit the point in the legislative session where the budget is starting to take shape. During the past two weeks, Governor Walz, the House DFL, and the Senate GOP have all released their budget framework, thereby putting their stake in the ground on what Minnesota’s budget priorities should be for the upcoming biennium. The reality is the budget that ultimately passes in May (or June, if the past several budget sessions give any indication) will include more spending than the lowest target from all three frameworks.

Governor Walz’ plan calls for a $52.4 billion budget for the next two years, the Senate GOP is recommending a $51.9 billion budget, and the House DFL just released a budget framework calling for $52.5 billion. In the grand scheme of things, a $600 million difference in a $52 billion budget (a 1 percent difference) does not seem that significant, but the devil lies in the details. As the details of the two chambers’ budget bills begin to emerge in early April, we will see similar budget amounts. However, we will also see significant differences between how each chamber wants to invest those dollars. Continue reading