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We need your help! Tell lawmakers how the child care shortage impacts your community

This legislative session, the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities and the Greater Minnesota Partnership have teamed up to explore ways to address the child care shortage in Greater Minnesota.

The child care crisis is a multi-faceted problem with no easy solution, but we strongly believe there are actions the Legislature and Governor can take to help address this issue. This session, our organizations are advocating for two bills that would appropriate a total of $13 million in state funding with the goal of increasing child care capacity in Greater Minnesota. You can read more about the bills in our handout: The Child Care Conundrum.

As the bills make their way through the legislative process, it has become apparent that some legislators do not have a clear understanding of the full scale of this issue and its impact on Greater Minnesota communities. Some metro-area legislators have even told us that they “just aren’t hearing very much” about the problem, at least not as it pertains to economic development in Greater Minnesota.

We know that the child care shortage is indeed a big problem in Greater Minnesota. You have told us about the businesses that won’t expand because there are too few child care providers in your area or the families who opted not to relocate to your city because there is no one to watch the kids while the parents are at work. We need you to share those same stories with our lawmakers. Continue reading

Child care discussions continue at committee hearings

There has been a lot of activity on the child care front in the past week. On March 1, the House Early Childhood Committee and the Jobs Committee held a joint hearing in St. Cloud. The purpose of the hearing was to highlight the economic and employment impacts of the child care crisis. The challenge in Greater Minnesota was highlighted by two testifiers: Carol Anderson, executive director of the Community Development Morrison County, and Jason Polovick, administrator at Todd County Care Center.

On Tuesday, our two child care bills were heard in the House Jobs and Workforce Development Committee. Rep. Jeff Brand (DFL-St. Peter) presented HF 422 and HF 423 and explained how the city of St. Peter recently used efforts similar to those permitted in the bills to address St. Peter’s child care crisis and add a number of new child care slots. GMNP Executive Director Dan Dorman testified about the economic impact the child care crisis is having in Greater Minnesota, especially as it relates to attracting and growing employers and retaining workers. Dorman was joined in testifying by Scott Marquardt from the Southwest Initiative Foundation and Nancy Jost from the West Central Initiative Foundation. Continue reading