Growing prosperity in greater minnesota

Greater Minnesota advocates: Legislature must remove barriers to economic growth

The CGMC and its sister organization, the Greater Minnesota Partnership, held a news conference today via conference call to outline some of the issues that must be address in order for the 2015 legislative session to be considered a success for Greater Minnesota this legislative session. Below is a press release that was sent out following the conference call. For a PDF version, click here.

For Immediate Release
Jan. 20, 2015

Contact: Julie Liew

Greater Minnesota advocates: Legislature must remove barriers to economic growth

 ST. PAUL—With a renewed focus on Greater Minnesota already emerging as one of the themes of the 2015 legislative session, leaders of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities (CGMC) and the Greater Minnesota Partnership (GMNP) held a press conference via conference call today to discuss what needs to happen for the session to be considered a success for Greater Minnesota.

“Since the November election, there has been a lot of talk about making 2015 the ‘Greater Minnesota session,’ but it’s important to define what that actually means,” said Bradley Peterson, senior lobbyist for the CGMC. “If lawmakers are truly committed to achieving long-term growth and stability in Greater Minnesota, they must make significant progress on removing some of the key barriers to economic growth.” Continue reading

House, Senate release transportation proposals

We are only one week into the session, but transportation is already emerging as one the top issues legislators plan to tackle this year. Within the last few days, both the Minnesota House and Senate have released transportation proposals, and Gov. Dayton is expected to come out with his own plan soon. The Senate plan calls for $800 million in transportation funding in 2016, which increases to $1.125 billion by 2019, while the House proposal seeks $750 million over four years. You can read more details about the different plans, including funding sources, in this MinnPost article.

It’s clear that transportation improvements are needed throughout the state. The GMNP’s top transportation priority is obtaining funding for the Corridors of Commerce program, which aims to remove bottlenecks and increasing capacity on the state’s highways. We will keep you posted as the transportation discussion continues.