The internet is the backbone of the 21st Century economy. Unfortunately, too many people and businesses in Greater Minnesota lack access to the level of broadband service needed to fully engage in the regional and global economies, as well as social and community life.

The state has a goal for all Minnesotans to reach access to high-quality broadband—defined as 100 megabits per second (mbps) download and 20 mbps upload by 2026. The seven metropolitan counties are each at 98% or more of properties having access to 100/20 service. In Greater Minnesota, counties range from 99% access to less than 30%.

The GMNP supports annual investments aimed at reaching the 2026 goal for FY22-26, most recently estimated at $100 million per year, with a focus on awarding grants to increase speeds for underserved markets in addition to increasing access for unserved properties.

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